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January 10, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish 121014 fine tuned, recompiled

These 3 versions are bundled with Droidfish 1.56 which was released on January, 9th.

When i've checked the file sizes, i've found out they are the same as Droidfish development version i've been using temporarily between 1.55 and 1.56. The sizes exactly match but MD5 checksums are different. So, better assume there are the latest available.

They are all 121014 versions of Stockfish and the difference i remember is a smarter management of UC─░ commands, dealing with different writings, with or without capitals, or combinations. Also, this compile solves the compatibility issue with Lollipop.

Download 121014 latest for Arm5: HERE
Download 121014 latest for Arm7: HERE
Download 121014 latest for i686: HERE



Unknown said...

Hi, how can I run this *.bin ARM7 file under Chess for Android?

Unknown said...

Open 7z file. Extract the binary and save it to your device. Internal storage is the easiest place.
Second, open CfA. Long press on black space for special menu. Choose uci and choose install engine from sd. Find and select the binary.
Last step is like installing. This time you select import engine in the special menu above. If installation is ok, the engine is in the list and you select it.