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January 10, 2015

New Android UCI engine: Bison 9.11.JA

Bison is another new engine which joins the Android population, again with Jim Ablett's precious effort.

Don't be surprised if you see the version reported as 15.1 when imported into Chess for Android. It's normal (and wrong indeed).

Download it: HERE and enjoy.


Unknown said...

Hi Gurcan,

New update to Bison build. Fixed a 'mate distance pruning bug' which caused the engine to hang in lost position.


Unknown said...

Just updated the package. Yes, some engines do this and exit. I have seen several 'exits' by Black Mamba, Gnu6.0.2, Rocinante2.0. And rarely by Myrddin 086, Gnu5.50. Natwarlal014, Kmt occasionally freeze. All others in Rapidroid list play perfect at 15 sec/move. Simplex098 may freeze at 30 sec, not at 15 so far.