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January 8, 2015

New UCI engine for Android: Sting 4.7.JA

Sting 4.7, one of Stockfish derivatives, is ported to Android, thanks to Jim Ablett. New compiles do not seem to stop raining and this can only make us happier.

The result of 3 minutes test with Exynos 4412 running at 1.6 Ghz x 4 cores is 579 kNps which is way lower than Stockfish. But of course, that doesn't directly point to any weakness. Remember the rule: Nodes perfo only speaks between different hardware running the same compile of a given engine.

My plan about Sting is to play only one test against Stockfish 5 and ignore it in Rapidroid ranking for the moment. I'm not very interested in derivatives yet.

The binary can be downloaded from my engine collection: HERE

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