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January 28, 2015

Android XB engine update: Xpdnt 091007.JA with time management fix

This is a new build of the same version of Xpdnt with a time management fix. It's one of the engines i've been testing at severe time controls like 1'+0", 2'+0" and 1'+1". Unfortunately, it could not pass due to time forfeit losses.

It's a sad reality that xboard (or winboard if you prefer) engines on Android suffer from GUI delays spent during transactions. Xboard doesn't send updated clock infos to the engines with every move like UCI. Therefore, cumulated time differences often cause losses on time at the end.

Few engines (Amy, Chenard, Cilian, Crafty, Fairymax, GK, Resp, Sjaak, uMax so far) have already survived enough, during long games.

Previous build of Xpdnt had played instant moves on the first trials. I hope this new build will make it compatible with timed games.

Download it: HERE

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