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January 10, 2015

Chess for Android 5.0 is out with Fischer clock!

9th of January seems to be a big milestone for Android chess.

As of today, a chess GUI capable of managing engine tournaments using Fischer clock is in our hands.

The new version of Chess for Android by Aart Bik integrates, among many other improvements, a more realistic time control setting which allows chess engines to show some more of their skills, closer to a real chess game.

It was needed, requested, missed, awaited since long ago...

Finally, we are not limited anymore to "max seconds per move" and we can set "Game in X minutes with Y seconds per each move played", the latter being widely accepted and used in human tournaments, as well as almost all engine tournaments.
Now remains nothing but two more steps:
customized adjudications and
randomized polyglot book tournaments
to reach for "Arena on Android"

Remember that FIDE also uses Fischer clock as official time control method in rapid chess and blitz chess tournaments.

I insist for calling it Fischer clock because i don't like that FIDE denies any reference to legendary Bobby Fischer who sponsored and defended its utility and finally managed to make it official. FIDE can forget the inventor/defender of the idea but i can't.

Now, show must go on!

Download Chess for Android v5.0 at: Google Play and don't forget to take a look at Aart's blog: http://aartbik.blogspot.com

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