"It just isn't conceivable that you can design a program strong enough to beat players like me."

January 6, 2015

Strongest Android engine: Stockfish to investigate once again

Yes i've been daring to state Stockfish 5 is still the strongest of all, even better than Stockfish 121014, the more recent version, on Android OS, in contrast to Windows. Surprise, surprise!

The conclusion was based on 192 games played by two Stockfishes and Komodo 8, using 32 superfinal openings of TCEC-6, both sides.

The device was an Asus 176CX running a quad core Intel Z3745D. And of course, all 3 engines were compiled for i686 instructions.

Komodo 8 could not stand against the fishes and SF5 had beaten both the dev version as well as Komodo.

Although i'm confident about the result, some friends didn't like it too much and stated it should be "statistical noise", a technical term used as an emergency argument :-)

Finally we live in a digital century where even 64 games are not enough to convince.

I wasn't interested at all in playing 10000 games to confirm again SF5 plays better on Android. But a bullet test conducted by Kai Laskos on Exynos cpu showed 121014 version better.

The only remarkable difference of his test is the time control of 1 sec vs 15 sec of my test.

The cpu architecture can also (slightly?) affect the result but i'd checked knps performances and they looked stable and proportional.

Thus, i reopen the case now to discover again which one is better, to convince everyone.

Let's go crazier this time: It will be 908 games at 15 sec/move, on Exynos 4412 cpu. All 454 openings used in TCEC-6, played with white and black.

The conclusion should be definitive this time and the games will start next week. I expect 908 games need 22 full days.

Patience please, stay tuned and have mercy for my poor Exynos!

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Unknown said...


Why don't you wait a little while, maybe Jim could compile one of the latest SF dev versions?

Greetings and thanks for the testing.