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January 31, 2015

RAPIDROID: How to keep it up to date under attack?

Managing the army would be easier for a minister of defense if there were no battle around. The same applies to a sales manager who wishes a carrier where customers never ask for price reductions.

When it comes to a rating list, the tester's wish is that the engines do not get any updates. And no new engines please! Then a perfect list is possible.

Truth is different. Although i'd managed to build a list of 56 Android engines after a few thousands of games played, it got destroyed by countless updates by Jim Ablett, which rained quickly. Many engines ported to Android for the first time completes the whole misery.

Well ok, now we have different methods to cope with updates, all with their pros and cons:
* Replacing old versions with newest ones and keep going. Easiest way without losing previous results but no rating accuracy because of different strengths mixed.
* Keep old versions as they are and add new versions separately: Easy to do, but leads to pollution, as well as statistical distortion.
* Replace all games of old versions with games played by new versions: Maximum accuracy but highly time consuming, like rewinding and replaying a cassette.

Regarding RAPIDROID, which is played at time controls like 15 to 30 seconds per move, way beyond blitz, i decide to take the challenge of going for the most accurate method. I will replay all games from scratch for each updated engine.

Again, too many targets, so little time, but also too many ambition!

Stay tuned for the best.

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