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January 24, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Texel 1.05

Another beautiful gift from Peter Ă–sterlund. It's very nice to hear he released a new version of Texel for different platforms, including Android.

Regarding Android, it's more than a simple update from 1.05.a8 because the definitive version implements multi core usage, a long awaited feature previously available for Windows but not for Android

Bearing in mind in a quad core device, search speed can increases by 3 to 4 times depending on the code, one can see the added ELO may count more than all other improvements integrated.

Texel is continously improving and this latest version will surely place it higher in rankings. +100 ELO with 4 cores would not be surprising at all. However, don't ask me when i'll test it. I would say "maybe after Jim Ablett stops pouring engines every day" :-)

Download Texel 1.05: HERE


Unknown said...

Wow these are a lot of engines since yesterday!
Iam still testing Glaurung..however it only works in timecontrol(CFA) and in
1 out 9 games its simply resigns on the second move!
In Droidfish Glaurung doesn't work at all.(maybe because you cant select the
kpk.bin, only the engine ?)
For me Glaurung at this moment is the most aggressive engine on Android.
My fun is to survive the onslaught out of the opening.
For me(iam positional player around 2050 ElO) Glaurung is the most fun because for his super aggressive play from the start.

(sorry for bad english)


Unknown said...

Did you copy kpk.bin under uci folder of Droidfish? You don't have to select it as an engine. If the file is in the same folder as the engine, it's enough. If it still doesn't work, that's a problem with the gui. I didn't try Glaurung with DF but i will.