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January 16, 2015

Stockfish headbangers: Twin duel SF5 vs SF121014 continued

Just finished a new set of 96 games using all openings from TCEC-6 Stage-4. Now it makes 160 games played by last to versions of Stockfish on two different devices, two different cpu architectures. The experiment may still be subject to critics due to "low" number of games.

As i don't wanna give a chance to any doubt about the result, i will continue with TCEC-6 Stage-3 openings set containing 56 positions, played both sides. After this third lot, two fishes will have played 272 games.

After 160 games played, the error margin is +/- 32 ELO. It's still high for these close rivals. We need to reduce it to less than 20.

Galaxy Note II    Win Draw Los Pts/Gam Score ELO
Stockfish 121014: +31 =107 -22 84½/160 52.8% +20
Stockfish 5     : +22 =107 -31 75½/160 47.2% -20

Asus ME173CX      Win Draw Los Pts/Gam Score ELO
Stockfish 121014: +37 =105 -18 89½/160 55.9% +42
Stockfish 5     : +18 =105 -37 70½/160 44.1% -42

GUI used is Chess for Android v5.0.1
15 sec/move, ponder and TB off
Hash set to 256MB on Note II and 128MB on Asus
Note II runs Exynos 4412 @ 1.7 Ghz x 4 cores
Asus runs Intel 3745D @ 1.86 Ghz x 4 cores

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