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January 3, 2015

Jim Ablett is back

That famous scene... totally recalled

Good news! 2015 started well for Android. We must welcome Jim Ablett to the Android chessdom. Finally he's back!

For those who did not know him, he's a legendary contributor into chess engine development thanks to his compiles not only for Android but also Windows too.

Glad to see you're back Jim.

First pack of recent versions are available at:
* Crafty 24.1 JA
* Arasan 17.4 JA
* Scorpio 2.7.7 JA
* Rodent 1.6 JA (added 4-Jan-15)

Now, i can't wait for others to come :-)

1 comment:

JL said...

Thanks for the information. Hopefully he wants to compile Stockfish.