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January 4, 2015

Android engines collection: 4 new versions added

The updated versions of 4 engines, compiled by Jim Ablett can be downloaded from my collection too. Enjoy!
Arasan 17.4.JA: click HERE to download
Crafty 24.1.JA: click HERE to download
Rodent 1.6.JA: click HERE to download
Scorpio 2.7.7.JA: click HERE to download

I've tested them all on Galaxy Note II. They are compiled for arm v5TE instruction set. No issues when running under Chess for Android.

On devices with Intel cpu's however, they simply don't work. As explained before, even though some arm compiles can work with Intel, the instruction translations cost node speeds as low as 1/3. Sorry for Inteldroids...

To download more Android engines, the entire collection is available HERE.

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