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January 21, 2015

Android UCI engine update: Stockfish 6.RC.JA

Since Jim Ablett restarted compiling engines for Android, a lot of chess fans were expecting him to take a look at latest Stockfish versions. It was quite reasonable given that latest Droidfish version included many improvements but nothing changed on the engine, the same Stockfish version 121014 came in it.

Today, the expectation is fullfilled by the port of Stockfish 6 Release Candidate version. I can't yet confirm it will surpass the 121014 because it's compiled for Arm5 instruction set. Previous benchmarks practiced on Arm5 and 7 versions of Stockfish, extracted from different installations, had shown about 50% speed increase with Arm7 set. Arm5 works well on Arm7 cpu's but they are slower. I'm sceptical by nature, therefore i suggest you test that.

Download Stockfish 6.RC.JA: HERE

In a couple of days, there may be a definitive release of Stockfish v6 together with Android version complied for Arm7 as usual. To follow up on www.stockfishchess.org

As a bonus of the day, Jim did not forget to compile Stockfish 5 either. The same remark applies here as well because official compile of Stockfishchess.org being identical to the one coming with Droidfish, targets Arm7 and might be stronger than Jim's Arm5 compile. My humble guess...

Download Stockfish 5.JA: HERE

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