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January 8, 2015

Android XB engine update: Phalanx XXIV

Another updated Android port by Jim Ablett. Phalanx jumps from XIII to XXIV. Glad to see the recent version available for our devices.

Download Phalanx XXIV for Android: HERE

The compile works flawlessly when imported to Chess for Android as an Xboard engine. The nodes per second performance seems lower but once again that has no meaning between different versions. I'm sure the engine evaluates less positions in a smarter way to issue better moves than before.
173 kNps on Exynos 4412 vs 217 kNps of previous version XIII
show again nodes ain't a comparison tool between different versions

You can check hundred newspapers very quickly to miss the most important news in all of them or you may choose to read only half of them but more in detail and you hit what you're looking for. Analyzing chess positions looks similar to me.


Unknown said...

THNX for This great Blog.
I come here everyday.

Unknown said...

This Phalanx Engine is great !
Very human playstyle.
I want to thank Mr. Ablett for This fine job !
I love these great compiles ,especially the older engines I love
the most.

I have 1 question: "Wich Android chess Engine is the most aggressive?"
(ELO is not important for me, only playstyle)

Unknown said...

Try Texel first. And among weak ones ZCT deserves attention.

Unknown said...

Ok thnx for the reply.
I shall try them out.

Sedar said...

Phalanx latest version. Unfortunatelly it dosent has UCI support.

Unknown said...

Yes. Only xb support. Unfortunately we can't get full power of it. Limited hash size probably takes away some elo.